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  1. beastlywarrior228

    1999 Yamaha 350 warrior will not turn over with electric start

    Check for continuity with the button. I just had a solder go bad on mine over the winter.
  2. beastlywarrior228

    Aftermarket DG exhaust

    Remove the reducer. You want as little back pressure as possible. You should be around a 150 main and 45 pilot.
  3. beastlywarrior228

    1999 Yamaha 350 warrior will not turn over with electric start

    I usually start with the solenoid and check continuity across the button.
  4. beastlywarrior228

    Covid-19 Warrior

    By putting on the banshee link you shortened the entire linkage. It now is compressing your shock faster, giving you less wheel travel and making the shock stiff.
  5. beastlywarrior228

    Covid-19 Warrior

    Get rid of the banshee link, you're just screwing up the progression rate of your rear suspension.
  6. beastlywarrior228

    Tire recommendation

    I highly recommend the gbc xc master.
  7. beastlywarrior228


    Updated thread with the only picture I have of this quad.
  8. beastlywarrior228

    Transmission mabey, clutch?

    I would take a look at the clutch first.
  9. beastlywarrior228

    2005 Yamaha Wolverine 350 4X4. (Electric Start Button Won't Work)

    It could either be the solenoid, start button or cdi.
  10. beastlywarrior228

    2001 Yamaha warrior battery holder

    You could but then you wound need to fab a new holder. I would just return it and get one that fits.
  11. beastlywarrior228

    RIP Ed Tillman aka Yamahauler

    I just received word that we lost longtime member Ed Tillman aka Yamahauler yesterday after a fight with pneumonia. He will be greatly missed for his passion and dedication given to the community.
  12. beastlywarrior228

    I messed up my carb?

    First thing is what carburetor did you buy? The Chinese ones are knows for cheap quality and always have weird issues that you can never get right.
  13. beastlywarrior228

    I need help building a 1992 Warrior

    Great choice in cam but you're going to need the HD springs with it and you're going to need the head ported to take advantage of it over a .390 lift cam. I don't believe LSR 400 arms will fit the warrior. You need something with rod ends and not bushings like the asr arms.
  14. beastlywarrior228

    Shifting problems

    It sounds like your quad isn't going into forward. Usually if you don't shift all the way out of reverse it'll do that.
  15. beastlywarrior228

    Original Warrior rebuild (1987)

    Welcome. Seems like a good project.
  16. beastlywarrior228

    Help! 1999 Warrior Decals

    I thought they looked something like this?
  17. beastlywarrior228

    More power

    Kibblewhite is all I know for valves but maybe Weston would know more about other alternatives and yes Web still makes the adjustable cam gear.
  18. beastlywarrior228

    1987 Yamaha Warrior Airbox

    Cfm makes a nice aluminum one. If not keep an eye out for a used one.
  19. beastlywarrior228

    Raptor 350 A arms

    American star racing