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  1. Jeffreys01WARRIOR

    wrecked again!

    i was riding with my friends at yellow friend climed up purple eater hill and made it me i got a run for it and flew up it my bike hit one rock it sent the back of my back upwards but when they went down my tires was still moving i was pinned 3rd it stood up and my quad...
  2. Jeffreys01WARRIOR

    these look bad***!

    can you guys comment on the video it will help my channel out ? thanks also i know they didnt look in great shape because i need to sand them and paint them but hey i think they look bada***!
  3. Jeffreys01WARRIOR

    shaved my front fenders ;)

    it looks sick ill post pics as soon as i can....they look badass! it was easy i used a sharp hacksaw and an old knife grinder.....and its all smooth i took chrome strips and went along the edges and put them on so i dont get cut on the edges and they are purple
  4. Jeffreys01WARRIOR

    Can you?...

    can you use any soleinoid for a 350 warrior? im going to try to use a lawnmower solenoid ? my is dead and is just clicking now.....also when it clicks? like the whole solenoid is clicking does that mean its fried?
  5. Jeffreys01WARRIOR

    Easiest way to shave plastics?

    hey guys i was just wondering i have 2 different sets of plastics.......and im shaving one set... but what is the easiest way?
  6. Jeffreys01WARRIOR

    Chemline, lisbon Ohio

    Fun place.... Not easy to find...put chemline lisbOn Ohio in YouTube and look at it...or over the summer Yankee lake is having an atv jamboree we can all ride ?
  7. Jeffreys01WARRIOR

    Need HELP!!! fast

    i blew a top end gasket......but my quad made it back to the you guys think the valve might of bent?
  8. Jeffreys01WARRIOR

    my quad it destoying its self

    I KNOW THIS LOOKS LONG BUT READ PLEASE! need ur guys help more than anything. my warrior is tearing its self apart......i need a top end gasket......and my gear shifter is broken... my handel bars are bent..... my timing chain snaped..... front right rim is bent....Need new A-arms and...
  9. Jeffreys01WARRIOR

    my quad dont make fun of me i know i look funny...but i dont care, also it is a 01 warrior and i was just doing my weekly warm up. stuff wrong with my bike include *bent axel *loose clutch cable *need new A-arms *gear lever is held on by chicken wire...
  10. Jeffreys01WARRIOR

    haha read

    remember me guys? jeff, yea.....okay anyway know how i had a bent rim? well it wasnt a bent rim it was the whole axel. and no one has any parts warriors around here . if u guys find any cheap axels anyone close to salem ohio. i will buy it from you
  11. Jeffreys01WARRIOR

    can u guys help ?

    hey guys.....since i wrecked my quad it bent my back left rim.....they are alluminum so they bent really easy....if u guys can find 2 back tires and rims..or help me look itd mean the workd too me.....but theres a problem i cant spend no 500$ cuz i only get like 200$ a pay check......fu*kin...
  12. Jeffreys01WARRIOR

    Loading my quad

    this is how i load my quad when i ride , i work but not alot so i get money for my truck and my quad. sorry about me putting the camera down but its hard to hold it while pushing and turning a quad... also i stalled it because i was using one hand.....= fail...
  13. Jeffreys01WARRIOR

    sup guys ;) im new

    hello :) my name is jeffrey everyone calls me jeff but its up to you...... im 16 and i live in lisbon ohio.....if any one else rides in lisbon or close to lisbon we should ride :) im a country boy who moved in the city, but im still country i own an 01 366 warrior.... if u guys can tel me some...