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    07 Polaris Outlaw

    ya well we all have our own opinons. But I still think that the Outlaw will be my quad choice. I wont be modding it so I don't have to worry. But I may not get one until the end of school( school has just started )O well, when I get the warrior sold it will highly contribute to the payments for...
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    07 Polaris Outlaw

    well there not a racing quad thats for sure. and with IRS it would be nice for my riding then about the motor, I got a nice suited quad. They are defiantly faster than a warrior.
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    07 Polaris Outlaw

    Well I have the DVD they sent me and it beats all other quads through the timed trail. What they did was time the quad to go through this section of a trail a little rocky and timed each quad to see which one was the fastest I dont have the exact times but you can guess which one won. I like...
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    07 Polaris Outlaw

    Does anyone know anything about these or what there like because as soon as i get my warrior fixed my dad desperately wants to sell it and so there for I'm getting a new quad and i really like the 2007 Polaris Outlaw, I'm not sure if its a special edition but its ******* sweet.
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    What Chain?

    yes replace the sprockets to, because if you just buy a new chain your old sprockets will wear out your new chain so fast and it will become like the old sprockets condition.
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    Crank Bearing

    ok man yea. I'm taking the engine apart but the bearing is getting pressed in by pro and the same with boring out the jug and possibly the port and polish. We have reconsidered the idea about drilling the holes because it would have to be micro-balanced and **** like that I don't know of anyone...
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    What Chain?

    Just buy a non-o-ring chain there good enough you probably won't tell the difference between non o-ring and o-ring. But if you are looking to spend money buy a DID X-ring chain there top quality.
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    ok then lol ya it sounds pretty ******* wierd but thats what the mechanic said, and he has shipped a lot of stuff over there and said it was all cheap.
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    But were acutally getting a good deal on all the engine work! To ship the motor to quebec(where it is getting worked on) its like 6 or 8 bucks. We calculated some of the costs just not the port and polish and it would probably be like around $500. I thought that was a pretty good deal.
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    yes lol I know I wont get nearly nothing for how much money we put into it. Thats also why I want to keep it after this. And plus it will have pretty much new insides, so what else is supposed to go on it? Maybe the CDI box I think isnt very good or the battery. But I would like to keep it and...
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    My motor is finally getting what it deserves, a whole rebuild. lol , Its getting bored out, new crank bearing, connecting rod, piston assembly, probably a port and polish and.... I think thats all. So ya I think I might be selling it afterwards. I don't really want to because it will be a while...
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    Crank Bearing

    OK soon my motor is getting sent to Quebec to get a new crank bearing pressed on and the cylinder getting bored out. I have one question about the crank bearing. I hear that most racers drill more holes in there crank bearing so it allows more oil to get into the bearing and faster providing the...
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    Birthday coming up

    Hi everyone, I dunno what to ask my parents to get me for my b-day. I was thinking maybe riding boots. Hopefully my motor can get fixed before my birthday so I can ride the ******* thing! lol yea anyway just list some things so I can get some ideas. Thanks, Ryan
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    From reading QUAD I'd say you'd be best putting a better cam, change your cam timing, and ignition(increase RPMs). Higher compression piston, bore it maybe(or stroke w/e you prefer), head porting.
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    Raptor or Banshee Skock

    The Raptor shock is too tall for the Warrior. Also where the reservoir is is the stupidest spot.
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    You know what sucks?

    Yea by the time you get the tire off the rim your better off just putting a tube on.
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    warrior rear axle threads

    hey if you want all new threads, buy a bolt big enough and cut the end off and weld the bolt on. and then just put the nut on it. I wish I remember the die I used on mine cuz I had to rethread my axle as well.
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    warrior wont start.

    Can you start it with another battery? Or even bump start it?