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    07 Polaris Outlaw

    Does anyone know anything about these or what there like because as soon as i get my warrior fixed my dad desperately wants to sell it and so there for I'm getting a new quad and i really like the 2007 Polaris Outlaw, I'm not sure if its a special edition but its ******* sweet.
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    My motor is finally getting what it deserves, a whole rebuild. lol , Its getting bored out, new crank bearing, connecting rod, piston assembly, probably a port and polish and.... I think thats all. So ya I think I might be selling it afterwards. I don't really want to because it will be a while...
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    Crank Bearing

    OK soon my motor is getting sent to Quebec to get a new crank bearing pressed on and the cylinder getting bored out. I have one question about the crank bearing. I hear that most racers drill more holes in there crank bearing so it allows more oil to get into the bearing and faster providing the...
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    Birthday coming up

    Hi everyone, I dunno what to ask my parents to get me for my b-day. I was thinking maybe riding boots. Hopefully my motor can get fixed before my birthday so I can ride the ******* thing! lol yea anyway just list some things so I can get some ideas. Thanks, Ryan
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    Motor Wanted

    Complete motor anything that is after 2001.
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    shes fucked now

    Here all what happened. One day it just started making a ticking/banging sound. It didn't feel any different. But as I rode it more the sound would get a little louder and then I started to notice that it would pull very good. Then, one day I just took her out for a boot and on the way back...
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    I dunno guys I've had so much bad luck with my warrior I'm tired of fixing it and its just not worth it. I dunno lmao i feel like just rebuilding everything and wasting all my money on it and making it a "deathshadow" warrior but my dad would highly disapprove. But i dunno i also feel like...
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    DAM IT!

    Something broke again that is keeping me from riding(something fails like once a month). First of all my tire popped and I don't know if I can put a patch on it or not. But more importantly, my engine is making a very nasty sound it's like a ticking, I'm not sure where its coming from, my dad...
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    Water Shut-off

    Whenever I go through water, like not a puddle on the street, like the stuff in trails where its half way up the tires. It will just shut-off on me. I happened to me and my dad. I think it may be that water is getting into one or more of the connections and is not allowing it to run(no...
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    starter clanker grrr

    I just want to know what makes that awful sound on start up? Is there anything I can do to make it sound nicer? Its that clank sound that all warriors make.
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    Front Sprocket

    Does anyone on here run a 15 tooth front sprocket other than me?
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    Well whenever I am driving, any terrain road, track, grass etc. the machine pulls to the right. Every thing is good, frame isnt bent, wheels, a-arms, handlebars. I thought it was air-pressure but they all match up(4 and half in the front, 3 and half in back). Do I have to adjust my tierods to...
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    Warrior blue smoke

    I was clocking my brother and whenever he would accelerate a little bit of blue smoke would come out. I dont think its my valve seals, my dad said there is oil leaking on the pipe or its too rich. But i'm not sure.
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    Lost hose

    I have a line on the carb and i dont know where it goes. Its the one right near the slide, the short one. Is it just a vent? Heres a pic
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    Carb prob

    OK before I take the whole carbuerator apart I want to know what affects my low throttle opening because when I try to wheelie it just bogs. And it has a hard time starting without the choke. I'm thinking its the pilot screw but im not sure. I dont really wanna mess around with the carb too...
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    OK, what do YOU think is a better idea, riding my warrior for a long time till it can't run anymore and then part it out(whats left). Or, next year just sell it and save up for a 450.
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    Banshee shocks,what the ****

    K i have a pair of front banshee shocks and on the bottom of the shock the hole is way larger than the bolt and according to the yamaha dealer there is supposed to be no bottom bushing for the shocks. How am supposed to make them fit? Should i press out my old bushings from my wariror shocks...
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    Shock bushing

    Does anyone know how to get these basterds out? I was trying to use a socket to press it out but the fucker wouldn't move.
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    Clutch plates

    OK I think i really need new clutch plates because when i ride her for a while the shifting gets bad. What happens is when i shift it hesitates while in between gears. And alos do oyu think i should buy clutch plates and springs? I'm thinking of buying EBC parts but ill look into that later.
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    2 problems

    1. after every ride my 2 sprocket bolts(those huge ones) get lose 2. i think it doesn't have a good ground because when i rev it, the neutral light flickers a little bit and it doesn't charge the battery.