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  1. jayhawk207
    rebuilding a 1987 warrior
  2. Ethanl12
    Can i put my old 01 Warrior 350 top end on my 05 raptor 350? without any problems? Need help fast.
  3. Meyerstodd
  4. mp4freedom
    mp4freedom ThE BeaSt oF GuMm hiLL
    just wondering if your still around i haven't seen new videos for a long time and your last post is in 2008 what happend you've got some of my favoret vids post some it time to catch up
  5. wolverine565
    wolverine565 95Wolverine
    Where did you get the lean/rich gauge and the oil cooler?
  6. wolverine565
    wolverine565 95Wolverine
    Where did you get the gas lean/rich gauge?
  7. dblbassdruMer
    dblbassdruMer mohav
    hey man saw ur lost trail pics u from pa??if so where from i'm in scranton also can u tell me where i can get GYTR stuff for my wolvy 450 i already got the pipe and it sounds pretty sweet
  8. thesaintnr1
    thesaintnr1 kevin468

    I saw you had a post about having a snorkel and pics. Any chance you can send me soe pics of the snorkel.

  9. sinned96
    dont have any spacers
  10. sinned96
    dont have any spacers
  11. sinned96
    sinned96 aces3
    the mudlites work good all around
  12. streetroller
    streetroller bassbuggie
    I like the bars what model n bend are they?
  13. bassbuggie
    bassbuggie Snowdog
    I will admit that I dont ride it enoough but I detail it after each ride from top to bottom,as for the wheels the pair I got with my sand tires I got from traxsm motorsports,but I got the wheels at a good price from my local 4wheel parts wholesaler,big mistake,I would go back to Traxm motorsports svc much better
  14. Snowdog
    Snowdog bassbuggie
    Never mind! Just seen your updated signature in a post! ....DUH STI wheels!
    Now go get that thing muddy for cryin out loud
  15. Snowdog
    Snowdog bassbuggie
    I swear you don't get that thing dirty! I'm starting to believe you don't even ride it and its a yard decoration!
    Alright, I'm going to need tires soon and would like to get the rims you have on there. Would you mind sharing what rims they are and where you got them and how much?

  16. Tbenks
    Tbenks chevy68
    hey ive been digging around about a wolverine locker heard your story, what ever happened, did you get it all straightened out?
  17. BRIAN K
    BRIAN K Thewolverine450#3
    Hey i like the pics of your wolvy...but whered did you find the lift kit i havent been able to find one anywhere
  18. 3ffreak
    2007 Wolverine450
    DG slip on
    Dynojet stage 1 carb kit
    K&N air filter
    Tusk D-Flex hand guards
  19. 2000wolvy
    2000wolvy dazed1
    I was checking out your wolverine and noticed you are in Raleigh NC, I am over in Clayton, About 30 miles east of you. Just wondering where at in the area you ride?
    Hey Snowdog just saw your profile an realized we live in each others back yards lol i live in summit hill just west of Jim Thorpe.... we're hard core trail riders up with lots to ride .... parawolvy rider.. buzz me will BS...
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