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Default Home Electrical Problem Diagnosis?

We just closed on our first home. It was built in 1969.
We did hire a home inspector. He found only minor issues with the electrical system. A few of the outlets had 'arced' and he said we should replace them.

I've noticed numerous outlets (included the ones we're now having issue with) that are very 'loose'. The plugs practically fall out of them.

Anyway down to the issue.

Plugged in a coffee pot. Worked. Plugged in a coffee grinder (same outlet pair) worked for ~2 seconds, now neither works. No circuit was tripped. The outlet pair simply stopped working.

Fastforward 8 hours. Small radio plugged into another outlet, been working fine for hours. Plug a dremel into the outlet pair, worked about long enough to spin upto speed and poof, neither outlet works.

Both outlets with issues were in separate (but adjoining) rooms.

Are we lucky enough that this is something simple like replacing the outlets in question? Loose connections?

We just took possession Friday, so to be honest I'm not sure if other outlets in the house have the same problem. I've been using powertools all day in various outlets and so far just the two have done this.

Please help.

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