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Hellooo New Design Coming Soon - Need Your Help!

Hey guys, I'm going to be releasing a new forum skin/design here soon, but I need your help if you're willing to do so!

If you're interested in having your Warrior/Raptor 350 featured in the header design, send me your pics and it just might make it in!

Basically I'd prefer action shots, but are thinking about putting stills in there too. So if you have any good, high-quality pictures, stills or actions, email them to me for consideration:


-The larger the picture, the better (I'll crop it to size if its used).

- High-quality pics ar eneeded (nothing taken from a 10 year-old flip phone or crappy digital camera lol)

- If taking still shots, make sure there's a nice background (no dirty garage backgrounds, etc.).

I think that about covers it. So send them in, as many as you want!


Thanks guys!

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That would be sweet!!
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Awesome idea!!
RAPTOR 350, View thread Dedicated for info, New color scheme and parts list at a later date.
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