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Default Clutch adjustment

So I've had my '01 Warrior a few weeks now and I feel that the clutch needs to be adjusted.
When the bike is 'cold' and at idle I can place it in reverse and it engages as if the clutch lever is completely let out, as in it just starts rolling in reverse, even though I have the clutch lever completely pulled in to the handle bar grip.
After its warmed up it gets a little better.
When the bike is fully warmed up, its very difficult to catch neutral and sometimes I have to shut the engine off to even get neutral. Its very touchy about going into neutral and just wants to engage second gear.
The seller told me he installed a Raptor clutch and explained it's a nice upgrade from the Warrior clutch, I hope this isn't life with a Raptor clutch?

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It sounds like you could adjust the clutch a little to just take some of the slack out on the lever side. It's normal for these bikes to drive in reverse even with the clutch pulled all the way in, especially when cold.
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that usually comes from the wear on the clutch basket... the clutch disks wear grooves on the basket and they dont like to separate when it is cold... you can take the clutch apart and file the grooves smooth, and or put an extra steel in the center of the clutch pack, or just deal with it like most do...

unless of course your clutch cable is really loose, then it does in fact need adjusted... i believe there is a "freeplay" measurement in the manual... but the general idea is you want just a little slack in the cable when it is released.... if you have no slack your clutch will slip

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Most Warriors are hard to find neutral. Raptor clutch should be same as Warrior

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