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Originally Posted by DeadLastRacing View Post
Thanks. I gotta get Admin to fix it though so they show up in all users sigs.
I discovered this before you offered these. I made a miniature Terrapro to add to my sig and kept coming up a link so it is an admin restriction. probably to keep competition banners from being posted. it could still be displayed in the body of the message though.

I would just imagine rival sig banners where probably abused here in the past to cause this option to be disabled. Good idea IMHO.. Now if rules dictated the use of banner links it could be controlled and forum custom banners could be reinstated. Just my :twocents: -kid
The 1989 Yamaha Terrapro Project Made only one year. The only ATV ever made with a PTO.
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love it
You must be fast....

Cause i was haulin ass when i passed you ....

92 warrior 350
Kenda clawmxr rear tires
offset rear rims
Duro front tires
bored to 366
high comp piston
ported and polished head
sankei hm hp1 600 exhaust
geared 15/39
+2 axel
Led conversion front and back
red and black grips
All ballz axle carrier n swing arm bearings

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