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How many psi recommended for normal trail riding with Venom Vee Rubbers 20x11x9?

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4-5 psi
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I just got a set of Vee Rubber Venom 21x8-10 and love them. Great tires for the price.
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My friend had the vee rubber venom on his ltz400 and they where the best tires in the mud,snow, hardpack, and loose dirt.

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1994 warrior
parts list:
Dg front bumper
Kenda Bear Claw rear tires
Pro Taper SE bars
Wiseco pro lite piston 10.25-1
DID High Performance cam chain
Stage 1 Hot cam
150 main and 45 pilot
K&N air filter with cut air box lid
DG RCM2 slip on
Full Fight +2 A-Arms
YFZ450 Front Shocks
IMS YZ shifter
some shit i forgot
Hopefully some more parts to come
Ride On
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Default Official Tire thread

Mud tires-
I bought a set of 4 itp mud lites off Motorsport.com for $300 which was kind of a mistake. I got 2 21/7/10 for the front and 2 25/12/9 for the rear was for ground clearance.
- ground clearance
-awesome in the mud
-6ply so it's hard to puncture
-looks bad ass
-The taller tire really kind of messes with the gearing but not too bad cause I can still do wheelies in 3rd gear
-they are very heavy
- bumper ride so more suspension wear
- can't do burnouts cause they grip to damn good
- less acceleration
- go through brakes faster cause of the heavier tire.
- when u do donuts or trying to drift there is more risk for flipping cause they grip much better than the stock ones.

Bottom line if your gonna be mud tires get like 23/11/9 or something similar that is less tall cause the acceleration is really a downfall because of it and keep in mind the do grip much better than other types so like sliding and donuts may be an issue.

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