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Default 350 Warrior - New parts help!

Ok, so the Warrior needs freshened up and I'm not sure what parts are good and what I should spend my money on (tired of buying the junk chinese parts)
Links to the following would be appreciated:
Rear Brake Caliper - Mine is just about shot, won't let the brake pads slide so they just drag.

Solenoid??? - I can press the start button and hear a slight click at the solenoid, but nothing happens. I'm currently crossing the solenoid with a screwdriver to start it. I've cleaned all the connectors I could find from the start button.

Chain/Front Sprocket/Rear Sprocket - I prefer the stock tooth size, but let me know about some suggestions.

Intake Manifold Boot - The boot from the carb to the head, has a hole in it currently, sucks air, dies down at low idle.

Jetting - Has a big gun exhaust, cuts out/spits and sputters at full throttle. Not sure if the intake boot would stop this from happening, pretty sure it just needs jetted. I heard a 45 pilot and 147.5 main is what I will need? Not sure.

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