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Hellooo 1987 cdi swapped for 1990-1995

I just bought a 1987 warrior and fully rebuilt the engine. Saddly it has no spark. I've done all the testing and concluded the cdi is toast.

My plan of attack is to buy a stator, flywheel, and a cdi for a 1990-95 cause they are the next in line in the warrior world and i'm hopping will be most easy to convert to. Biggest concern is wiring. The 90 cdi has 2, four prong connectors where as the 87 has only one. I'll be doing some research to see what wires have changed and what ones are missing. If you can shed any light on this feel free to comment below.

As many people here probably know the 87 has a dual pick up setup for the stator where as the 90-95 has the single pickup. I may be calling it the wrong name but that's just how i've always known them. SO I'm assuming the cdi for the 90-95 has the four pin connector and just added the pick up to it, where as the 87 had the two pick up wires as a single wire for both of them. So if all looks good when i look through the books my hope is to just ground the cdi with the grounding wire it has, plug the stator in the harness like normal and make any adjusments to wiring harness as needed to accomendate the new cdi and stator. If all else fails i'll just hunt down a good wiring harness for the 90-95.

Pleas give any feed back or advice you may have on the subject ot the cdi swap. I'll be buying all the part in about a week or two.

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Ok, ran in to problem with the stator. The manual shiws the 90-95 havong 5 ignition wires where as mine I just bought has only 4. If any one coukd post some pictures of their 90-95 stator and cdi wiring would be awesome

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1987, 1990, cdi, conversion, swap

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