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Default Yamaha YBR 125 - Problems / Solutions

This thread is dedicated for YAMAHA YBR 125 Problems only and if anybody had resolved their issues they can share solution with other members on thread also all complaints people are facing can be share with members and I will keep updating them in this thread so it can be easy for all members to know the solution of their problems.


Missing Issue:
Description of this issue is bike will start missing at higher RPM and can start in any gear if you throttle it above 8-8.5 RPM it can vary user to user.
Bike Jerk Issue:
Normally it does not happen but sometime if you are going at high speed and try to change gear upward or backward for a Nano second you bike will seems like stop and start or you can say it will jerk (Jhatka Marye gi Bike)


Missing Issue:
For all members those are in breaking period it is suggested that till 1000 KM ride your bike as per manual instruction after first tuning ride it with full throttle and check if missing issue was resolved after first tuning, this is not manufacturing fault but fuel and air intake adjustment is required which can be done by experienced mechanic but again don?t change any settings and keep yourself calm in break-in period.

Bike Jerk Issue:
This issue can be clubbed with Missing factor right now this issue is not very common but I think it will be resolved once fuel intake and air intake is adjust which resolve missing factor.

For more you can check

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